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The Sounds Unreal Roadshow's favourite gig of the year!...

Beer Music For Life raised £10,000+ this year... 

Winner of the Sounds Unreal "who travelled the furfest competion"...Craig Jack from Timaru New Zealand..

Runner up in the Sounds Unreal "Who travelled the furthest competion...Clinton Johnston from Mars...(next time interplanetary travellers will need to provide a utillity bill)

Adam Sweet Band

Laurie Ward

Count To Fire

Dan Crisp

Martin Weller



Steph B


Berkshire Maestro Youth Orchestra

Dave Green

The Walk Hards

Jamie G

The Blue Bishops

Partly Animals

Alan presents a Sounds Unreal t-shirt to Dan Crisp

Dan thinking "get this thing off me!"

8k rig

One off the speaker banks

Steve...Organiser and sound engineer

Robbo waiting to go on stage